Microsystem technology

exploring opportunities

Datum 1 januari 1994
Toekomstonderzoeker Gerben Klein Lebbink


From time immemorial man has constantly devised technological devices to help him push back his limits. And now, at the end of the twentieth century, a veritable technological revolution is being experienced in almost every field of enterprise. By comparison with only 50 years ago we can’t help noticing how technology now influences every aspect of our daily lives.

A recent example of this influence stems from developments in precision engineering and techniques derived from microelectronics: microsystem technology, or MST. Here the dimensional limits of structures are shifted back to be measured in microns (1 micron = one millionth of a metre). This is the technology of the very, very small. And we only have to look at microsystems operating in the natural world to envisage the enormous possibilities awaiting us if only we could harness these systems for our own technology.

And, as has been seen in recent years in consumer electronics, this is where the future lies. But until now the economic hurdles for most new ideas have not yet been overcome. For this reason the Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends recently decided to explore the almost boundless opportunities microsystem technology has to offer. This book shows the results of that exploration.

Microsystem technology: exploring opportunities focuses not only on the demand for microsystem technology but also on its impact in the areas of instrumentation, medical technology, consumer products and agriculture. For each given area examples demonstrate microsystem technology’s myriad opportunities and several technologies for manufacturing are also described.

This book is a must for those interested in current technological trends and how they can (and will) alter our lives.

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