Horizon Scan 2050 A different view of the future

What will the Netherlands be like in 2050? We do not know. The future is uncertain, open but not void, as has recently been stressed by the Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR1). We do know, however, that our future will partly be determined by the Grand Challenges facing us. Scarcity, climate change, demographic change, longer life, global power shifts and new connectivity will all put their indelible mark on the future of the Netherlands.

Date June 26th 2014
Author STT

Looking beyond the framework

This book is the result of the STT Horizon Scan 2050 that was carried out in the Netherlands in 2012-2014 under project leader Jacintha Scheerder, supported by a steering committee and in collaboration with 300 experts and stakeholders from all domains and disciplines, from science, industry, society and government. The point of departure of this research was a free space, allowing participants to look far beyond the framework of the present state of affairs, while studying the influence and effects of a wide range of Signals for Change on the six Grand Challenges.

Relevant conclusions and recommendations

The conclusions and recommendations in this book will be relevant to innovation, policy and research and can be used by stakeholders in science, industry, society and government.
The future is not simply happening to us. We can actually shape it ourselves along the way.