STT Academy


Under the name of STT Academy, STT co-funds professorships and research fellowships on themes like futurology; human factors; ICT and governance; methodology of foresight; and system innovation. Theses scientists support STT’s work. Internships for students are also facilitated. Furthermore, STT aims to organise masterclasses in which board members or high level representatives from their organization can participate.


STT Academy also hosts a foresight network (NTV), a platform consisting of almost 100 members from government, industry and society. The platform is used for discussions on e.g. methodology of foresight and foresight and its contribution to (system)innovation.
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Young STT

The future belongs to the young and it is important that their views contribute to the ‘outlook’ that STT develops from the foresight studies. Within STT, under the umbrella of the STT Academy, Young STT has been established. Young STT consists of young professionals (high potentials), with an affinity for technology and the future, aged up to about 35 years. A delegate is appointed for a period of two years.
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