STT 83 – An ocean full of opportunities

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What will be the role of the ocean in 2050? Will it be an uninhabitable, overfished and – if we look at resources such as oil and rare materials – a completely exhausted underwater world continuously fought over by nations? Or will the ocean have become our ally, helping us to feed the global population of (by then) 9 billion people, rendering all kinds of services without ever being exhausted? An ally that will help us deal with the effects of climate change?

Still time left

This book offers ideas on the possible future of the ocean and what we can do to achieve this. Choices we make today may have a large impact on the future. If we do not act now we may create problems that can possibly not be solved by future generations. There is still time left, though. Visions and ideas on the sustainable use of the ocean are already in existence. New technology creates an increasing number of opportunities. It is time to join forces on a global scale.

Large impact

The ocean covers 71 percent of the surface of the earth. 70 percent of the global oxygen production comes from algae at the ocean surface. The ocean provides food and raw materials and enables transport around the globe. It also has a large impact on the global natural systems.

What will things be like in 2050?

The main question of the STT futures study An Ocean Full of Opportunities was: how can the ocean in 2050 contribute to the supply of natural resources and the dealing with the effects of climate change, provided that the ocean is preserved and used in a sustainable way? The focus of this book is on technology and governance.

An ocean full of opportunities
Authors: Stephanie IJff, Marie-Pauline van Voorst tot Voorst, 2016
ISBN: 978-94-91397-12-7
Price hardcopy (only available in Dutch): € 17,50 (excluding shipping)
PDF: free of charge. Please send an e-mail to info@stt.nlDo not forget to mention the title of the publication or the publication number (STT 83).