STT 81 – The future of technology in agriculture


Artificially grown hamburgers, chocolates from your 3D printer, algae used for fuel, and salt water cucumbers delivered by drones to your doorstep. What are the new technologies – or applications of existing technologies – that may have a radical impact on the Dutch agro & food sector between now and 2050?

Starting point

This is the main question in this futures study by STT. And which non-technological developments will – possibly – also play a role here? Can we outline the future of the agro & food sector in trend scenarios? This publication does not aim to predict the future. It is a starting point for debate that seeks to inspire the reader to think about the future for himself. Granted, the agro & food sector is a complicated business.

High time

But it is high time for a debate. In 2050 earth will be inhabited by 9 billion people. Natural resources will by then have become very scarce. STT employed various methods for this research: a thorough desk study, interviews with experts, futurologists and creative workshops with groups of stakeholders.


The result is the inventory of technological developments (Chapter 2), visions of the future (Chapter 3) and scenarios described in Chapter 4, as well as the non-technological developments that have their impact. This book aims to inspire stakeholders from government, trade & industry and research institutes – policymakers, authorities, entrepreneurs, researchers, students, consumers, futurologists and general readers – to start a strategic debate about the opportunities and the threats. It wants to be an inspiration.

The future of technology in agriculture
Authors: Silke de Wilde, in cooperation with Ellen Willemse, Raoul Blankesteijn and Koen Donker van Heel, 2015
ISBN: 978 94 913 9709 7

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