STT 80 – Horizonscan 2050

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The world is facing massive challenges, the so-called Grand Challenges (GCs). This book will address six of them. Ultimately we may see a future in which a growing population will no longer exhaust the scarce natural resources, for instance, because energy has become free of charge due to new power generation techniques. Maybe man will show less climate-changing behaviour in the future, because we will develop an economy based on renewable resources. And maybe we will see less geopolitical conflicts, because we have solved the problem of scarce resources.

Far away

It will be a time in which we become older than ever before and the world poplulation is growing enormously. A time in which new connectivity, brings together people from all over the world instead of leading to conflict. The Grand Challenges are, in turn, influenced by all kinds of developments that may — at present — still seem far away. Such as robotisation, the fusion of man and machine, programmable matter and lab-grown artificial food. We call these developments the Signals for Change (SfCs). This book confronts the six Grand Challenges with fifty-seven Signals for Change.

Anders kijken naar de toekomst (hardcopy only available in Dutch)
Author: Jacintha Scheerder in cooperation with Rene Hoogerwerf and Silke de Wilde, 2014
ISBN: 978 94 91397 07 3

Price hardcopy: € 17,50 (excluding shipping)
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