STT 76 – Serious Gaming


In the period 2009 – 2011 STT projectmanager Jacco van Uden organized the foresight study Serious Gaming. The aim of the study was to develop inspirational perspectives on (digital) games that offer more than just entertainment. We set ourselves an ambitious goal. On the one hand we wanted to explore the future of serious gaming in the broadest sense possible. On the other hand we wanted to get hands on, and focus on two specific fields of application: healthy ageing and management.

More information about the study

Read all there is to know about our study here:

Video recordings

It is also possible to watch the video recordings of the experts and their vision on the next generation serious games (Games, the next step, Serious Gaming in a Network Society, and Play or be played) or the videos of the concluding conference (in Dutch).

Serious Gaming (only available in Dutch)

Author: Jacco van Uden, 2011
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