STT 74 – Bargaining Norms


Technical standards are a typical phenomenon of complex societies. They are a means to achieve control and to regulate or coordinate the production and uses of technology. Proportional to the increase of complexity, standards are a prerequisite for enabling the (international) interlinking of technical components and systems.


In this book, researchers and practitioners argue that standardisation should be understood as technological as well as social and political activity. To negotiate norms and standards proves to be a technological as well as political tour de force.

Key questions

Key questions that will be addressed in this book are: How do technical standards emerge? What is the role of negotiations in these pro­cesses? Who are the negotiators? Which prob­lems do they face? What is the role of national and international (political) styles, informal networks, reputation and prestige? Finally, what does this mean for research and policy on stan­ dardisation?

Combination of two ambitions

This work combines two ambitions. In the first place, it feeds into a growing academic interest in standardisation processes. The book brings together perspectives from the history and soci­ology of technology, economics, business stud­ies and political science. Their views on stand­ardisation processes will be confronted with the views of experts who were actively involved in such processes. Second place, it helps to prepare the way for outlooks into transnational infrastructure development, as part of a fore­sight exercise performed by STT.

Bargaining Norms Arguining Standards (only in Dutch)
Edited by: Judith Schueler, Andreas Fickers, Anique Hommels, 2008
ISBN:  978-90-80961-34-0

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