STT 72 – Deus et Machina


Both technology and religion play an important role in today’s world. However, they are not often mentioned in conjunction. Do they have something in common? Are there interactions between technology and religion? Are there religions that encourage innovation? Or do they just frustrate technological progress? What role can they play in a technological culture and what role do they actually play? What is the impact of technological developments on the experience of religions?

Unchartered territory

The publication Deus et Machina – De verwevenheid van technologie en religie (Deus et Machina – the intertwining of technology and religion in English) explores the uncharted territory of the intertwining of technology and religion. The book breaks free from the dominant view of the alleged contradiction between technology and religion. In our technological culture, multi-religious society and globalizing world there are many encounters and interactions between technology and religion.

Intertwining of religion and technology

Attention is paid to the intertwining of religion and technology in dealing with sickness and health, in the practices of food production and consumption, in the communication between a human being and the supernatural, in global environmental issues and in the inspiration for innovation of engineers.

Essays from experts

Technology and religion are themes that are studied in different disciplines and the intertwining of both plays an important role in various social societies. The knowledge, experience and insights arising from this are reflected in this book. Experts from different scientific disciplines, technological practices, social organizations and religious traditions have contributed with various essays. Interviews were recorded in which Dutch celebrities talk about their experience with and views on the intertwining of technology and religion. The essays and interviews form a wide range of perspectives on this interaction. They are of great value to anyone personally, substantive or professionally involved in technological innovation, religious transformation of our technological culture.

Deus et Machina (only in Dutch available)
Edited by: Michiel D.J. van Well, 2008
ISBN:  978-90-809613-5-7

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