STT 70 – Genomics 2030


The 21st century is often referred to as the century of Life Sciences. The large number of developments in the field of genetic technology in the late 20th century are one of the reasons for this name. Determining the complete sequence of the human genome has given a new impulse to research in this field and thus a whole range of new research techniques has become within reach, which are referred to as genomics.

Role of genomics

What role will genomics play in our lives several years from now? This book tries to shed light on several social perspectives on these technological developments from various points of view in the fields of health care and nutrition. In addition, the book gives a picture of how developments in Life Sciences — jointly with developments in nanotechnology, imaging and information technology — offer new possibilities in health care.

Joint effort

This book is the concrete result of a joint effort made by many experts from the business community, universities, knowledge institutions and welfare organisations. It is intended for policymakers and managers in the business community, educational and knowledge institutions, government and health care professionals.

Genomics 2030
Part of everyday life
Edited by: Mark de Graef, 2005
ISBN:  978-90-809613-2-6

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