STT 68 – Better building and inhabiting


Inhabiting is in motion. Prosperity, mobility and communication facilities have increased over the years. Residents form other networks and develop new lifestyles. Today, a house is more than a secure and healthy place to stay; it’s also a place to worry, work, relax. Inhabiting has become more than ever a technologically facilitated activity. It can no longer be dissociated from the neighborhood, from washing machines, heating systems, computers equipment and other devices for work, recreation and communication.

New frameworks and concepts

The long-standing framework and physical and institutional structures are no longer fitted up for these new demands. Frameworks and property still exist, but they emerge from the housing shortage and housing problems of the last century. In the day-to-day life of inhabitants, issues arise aboutarise about cultural diversity, daily routines, sustainability, (home) care services and (urban) renovation. For these problems, new frameworks and concepts are needed. How can we achieve innovation and bring policymaking in line with the real life questions of inhabiting at the start of the 21st century? These issues are the basis of this book about building, inhabiting and technology.


The book Beter bouwen en bewonen. Een praktijkgerichte toekomstverkenning (Better building en inhabiting. A practical foresight study in English) is the result of a cooperation between STT/Beweton, The Advisory council for research on spatial planning, nature and the environment (RMNO) and a range of experts with different backgrounds. Their expertise and exchanges of ideas have led to views, policy proposals and an agenda for better building and inhabiting in the future.

Developments on building and inhabiting

The publication is aimed at architects, designers, researchers and policy makers concerned with building and inhabiting. Furthermore, the book is interesting for anyone who like to know more about the developments on building and inhabiting.

Beter bouwen en bewonen (in Dutch, English summary included)
Edited by: drs. Michiel D.J. van Well, 2004
ISBN: 90-804496-9-5

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