Horizonscan 2007


In 2006, the then Dutch Consultative Committee of Sector Councils (Commissie van Overleg Sectorraden, COS) performed a Horizon Scan. The final report was published in 2007. STT was organizationally and substantively involved.

Long term perspective

Taking a long term perspective, the scan provides a vision of the problems and opportunity-filled developments that lie on the horizon. Within this context, short term strategic policy and knowledge questions are posed that promise to contribute to the development of a sustainable policy and a knowledge agenda that is directed toward the long term. The final report does not offer solutions but is meant to stimulate broadly future-oriented thinking. Its approach transcends domains and disciplines.

Strong and weak signals

It examines all signals, including weak ones, which can significantly influence the future. Possible interactions between various factors are also described. Extra attention is given in the final report to one exemplary area, Robotics. The described developments in this field can have an impact on every aspect of our functioning and well-being. Prosperity will be strongly dependent on the (policy) choices we make in the Netherlands to prepare ourselves for the future.

“Essay Polar Bear Plague on the Veluwe”

Besides the final report a collection of essays “Polar Bear Plague on the Veluwe” is published (in Dutch). This bundle includes a dozen tantalizing visions of some scientists journalists, each from their own field of specialization.

Horizon Scan Report 2007

Towards a Future Oriented Policy and Knowledge Agenda
Edited by: Bernard Verlaan, Roel in ‘t Veld, Hans van der Veen, Victor van Rij, Pierre Morin, Henriëtte Maassen van den Brink, 2007
ISBN: 978-90-72863-24-9


Stichting Toekomstbeeld der Techniek – STT, toekomstverkenning horizonscan 2007- publicatie ijsberenplaag op de veluwePolar Bear Plague on the Veluwe
Essays on the future
Edited by: Drs. drs. B.T.M. Verlaan, 2007
ISBN: 978-90-72863-25-6