STT 65 – Dealing with the data flood

In nearly every area of business and science – even in our private life- we are confronted with an increase in data flows. Data that is collected and processed. Data that holds valuable information, and may provide us knowledge, but often is inaccessible because of its form and volume. Fortunately, new methods are emerging and evolving that enable us to create knowledge from data. Specifically, methods and tools that extract previously unknown information from aggregations of data. To name a few examples, patterns and relations can be revealed, clusters identified and predictions made. The application extends to many types of data: concepts and relations can be derived from large text collections, image and video collections can be analyzed for better access.

This book gives an idea of the possibilities and expectations of data mining from five perspectives:

  • Science
    The role of data mining for science in general is discussed and many examples are given of data mining in science.
  • Business and government
    Starting from several common needs in these environments, over ten cases are presented illustrating present and future possibilities for data mining.
  • Ethics, privacy and legislation
    Ethical aspects of web mining, fair information practices and some general legal aspects are discussed
  • The individual
    From the perspective of the individual, one moment a knowledge worker, the next a private person looking for an exciting scene in a sports match video a different view arises: text mining, web mining, image, video and music mining are the topics here. We also discuss the role of data mining in personal knowledge management.
  • Technology and techniques
    Starting with methodology and embedding in the business process, we will zoom in on twenty knowledge discovery, data mining and analysis techniques, giving us the basic tools to convert data into knowledge.

The book is enhanced by a CD-rom, containing the full book text and many tutorials, reports, and papers both deepening and widening the view. All textual data is accessible through an integrated Text mining tool.
Many of the techniques from the technical part of the book can be explored through freeware and demo software included on the CD-rom.

Dealing with the data flood
mining data, text and multimedia
Edited by Jeroen Meij, 2002
ISBN: 90-80449-66-0
Price: € 17,50 (excluding shipping)