Living apart together

27 januari 2016

Over the past two months, a group of international students from The Hague University of Applied Sciences worked on an assignment on relations in the year 2050. Human to human relations and human to machine relations. Last Monday, they presented the findings of their explorative studies.

Future scenarios

In one of the future scenario’s presented, enhanced reality and holograms have become so advanced that it is possible to fully experience somebody’s presence without them actually being there. Great if you want to be with your kid after school, but have to be elsewhere for work shortly after. Or if your partner gets offered a job elsewhere and you don’t want to move. Living apart can be as much together as you want!

Brain implants

In another scenario, brain implants allow us to communicate with anybody, without talking, typing or even blinking. A tool that can be very handy, but very stressful too. So much input all the time. No wonder the people in the scenario sometimes turn it off and enjoy an old fashioned get together with friends.

Thoughts, ideas and dreams hacked…

Then there was a scenario in which people went offline not because they wanted to, but because all their thoughts, ideas and dreams were hacked; stolen to be sold on to people that want a new life, new friends, new ideas.


Lots of ideas worthwhile to be discussed. To that end, the students also thought about ways to disseminate the ideas, invoke reactions, stimulate discussion. Their ideas ranged from apps to role playing and interactive books. Some of them will definitely be used in the project!

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