Creative thinking ahead

4 september 2015

This week, an international group of creative minds working for Shell around the world, got together online for the kick-off of a new challenge. Over the next 4 weeks, they will be thinking about what type of work people might do in 2050, and what a day at work may look like.

Presentation of technological applications

As part of the introduction to the challenge, STT-project manager Ellen Willemse gave a short presentation of technological applications, including different types of robots, exoskeletons, self-learning systems and more. Now it is up to the international team to imagine what all of this could mean for human beings in 2050.

Questions… input

Are kindergartens open 24/7 and run by robots? Are new products going to be designed by smart systems? And if so, what will we humans do? The results of the project will be presented to STT in October and will be used as input for the project about “The human being in 2050”.