Essays about Netherlands Normal after corona

In the context of the project 4 x Netherlands Normal after corona, young professionals are invited to write a personal essay on the question “What can our daily life look like after the corona crisis?”. Among the contributors were some members of YoungSTT.

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Working from home, the effect of corona and the cause of change – Bas Knaapen (NGInfra)
STT post corona society: The infrastructure of everyday life – Robin Neef (PhD Researcher)
No way back to normal– Joep Schaper (SCP, YoungSTT)
Post-corona Jaap – Jaap Dinkelman (gemeente Den Haag, YoungSTT)
Everyone knows post-corona: in tje past everything used to be better – Wieke Haakma (NWO, YoungSTT) en Nanda van der Stap (TNO, YoungSTT)


Introduction & Foreword
Scenario 1 – Business Normal
Scenario 2 – Careful Normal
Scenario 3 – Independent Normal
Scenario 4 – Confident Normal
Essays on the Netherlands Normal

Download the PowerPoint presentation 4 x Netherlands Normal (20MB)